Virginia Department of Transportation

The Transform 66 Outside the Beltway Project is rebuilding I-66 between I-495 and Gainesville. Learn about construction activities, project plans, and faster, more reliable travel riding the new 66 Express Lanes by commuter bus, vanpool, and toll-free carpools.

The entire 22.5 miles of 66 Express Lanes are open with tolling and HOV-3+ rules in effect providing direct connections at major interchanges along the I-66 corridor, including Route 28, Route 50, Route 123, and I-495.
I-66 Inside the Beltway (from I-495 to Washington, DC line) operates as Express Lanes on weekdays in the peak direction during rush hour. HOV rules changed from HOV-2 to HOV-3 on Dec. 5.

Using the 66 Express Lanes is simple with an E-ZPass, and free for E-ZPass Flex users in ‘carpool mode’. HOV rules on I-66 changed from HOV-2 to HOV-3 on Dec. 5.